Thunder Weapons Thunder Weapons

Author: ed76na + Polyacov_Yury

After playing for a long time on one voice acting, you understand that you already want something new. Moreover, the standard voice acting from WG does not suit everyone and there are many good voice acting capable of completely replacing it. One of them is the voice acting for “Thunder Guns” World of Tanks We present to your attention a complex voice acting that will replace: 

  • sounds of gunshots and engines,

  • sounds of the flight of shells,

  • the voice of the commander and so on. 

After downloading and installing the Thunder Weapons mod once, you will stay with them for a very long time and will look forward to its adaptation every new patch. Such popularity of them was not acquired by chance. The sounds that are used in this voice acting are really much cooler and brighter than the standard analogue. If you turn them on on good speakers, then believe me, all your neighbors will know that you are playing tanks. 

Considering that the sound of thunder guns includes not only shots and engines, but also other sound modes that completely change all sounds in the game – all this creates an indescribable atmosphere of dynamic and beautifully sounding combat. This voice acting will make you feel the whole gameplay with completely new sensations that you simply could not get earlier due to the wretchedness of standard sounds.

To fully enjoy every sound of the voiceovers, we recommend that you set the following sound settings in the game:


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