9.18 Destroyed Objects On The Minimap by Blackwot

         9.18 Destroyed Objects On The Minimap by Blackwot
Author: Blackwot

  • Ability to display the direction of destruction
  • Ability to customize the appearance of the indicators
  • Ability to display the scope of on-site destruction
  • The ability to display animation on the minimap
  • The ability to configure the maximum count of the display indicators
  • Sound notifications



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0.9.18 Arty redball

0.9.18 Arty redball trial 10 days

Author : Stealthz
Working period:22/05/2017



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9.17.1 CircleCross (white)

9.17.1 CircleCross (white)

Author : Andre_V

 copy and paste in Mods folder



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Author: Makct 

enter the folder from the archive on this directory: World_of_Tanks res_mods .

Turn on / off button , which is located in the configuration file “mod_t20160624.xml”




Read More Shadow mod Shadow mod 

Author:  Stealthz

Shadow mod, last known location

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