1.0.0 Inner/Outer Damage Panel

Inner/Outer Damage Panel




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Help Us To Translate HPMODS and Get 2Months of Modpack For Free!!!

►►The translators can get 2 months of bw mods for free!◄◄

Please, remember that we don’t need file translated by google translator but file with unique, personal translation!

Risultati immagini per tank

Info for translation (it’s just an example):

►you have to translate the right side of the text (see example image) 

Screenshot (90).png

Let’s make it multilanguage modpack!!!

And more comfortable to use for everyone!!!

Download of the file: Download


Languages excluded:






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9.22 Damage Panel Helpics.Warhammer

Damage Panel Helpics.Warhammer



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9.22 Techno Damage Panel

Techno Damage Panel  (4 version) Helpics + Andre_V




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9.22 Techno Gunsight

Techno Gunsight Helpics + Andre_V

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9.22 Terminator gun sight

9.22 Terminator gun sight


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9.22 Silver Damage Panel

Silver Damage Panel by Helpics/Andre_V


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[0.9.22] Octopus Damage Panel

Octopus Damage Panel 



 Octopus damage panel is a very beautiful, multifunctional and unusual DamagePanel with repair modules in the center of the screen.

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0.9.22 UML New Animated tanks by TheFalkonett

0.9.22 UML New Animated tanks by TheFalkonett

This mod adds an animation that is completely new to tanks.

 Some of the individual tanks are simply and elegantly prepared, and some have received turrets, furniture, guns and other items separately.

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[0.9.22]Devastator Gun Sight

Devastator Gun Sight by Helpics



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[0.9.22] Devastator 2 gunsight

Devastator 2 Gun sight by Helpics



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Coming Soon….!!!! HELPICSMODS !!!!

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[9.22] Predator Gun Sight By Helpics + Andre_V



            Predator Gun Sight By Helpics + Andre_V



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