Inner/Outer Damage Panel

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Damage Panel Helpics.Warhammer

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0.9.22 UML New Animated tanks by TheFalkonett

0.9.22 UML New Animated tanks by TheFalkonett

This mod adds an animation that is completely new to tanks.

 Some of the individual tanks are simply and elegantly prepared, and some have received turrets, furniture, guns and other items separately.

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[0.9.22]Devastator Gun Sight

Devastator Gun Sight by Helpics



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[0.9.22] Devastator 2 gunsight

Devastator 2 Gun sight by Helpics



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Coming Soon….!!!! HELPICSMODS !!!!

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this will create a marker on the last spotted location of any tank

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[] 3D Sphere By Makct

3D Sphere By Makct

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Author: Makct

– Acquisition of an obstacle
– Keep the enemy proactively
– Change the position of the target point
– Disable by specifying the maximum speed of the tank
– When you reach the point of aim AimPoint, events independently consider the availability of all three target points. In case of finding a point of economic aims will automatically redirect
– You can specify the distance of the target, which is closer preemption is disabled
– Ability to specify the size of the sector in which the automatic target lock works
– Off Delay same caravan with the loss of the target captured by the glare
– Using the Server view when switched cars views
– Isolation of the target marker graphical view switched cars
– Graphical display of the automatic view activated

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 author:adri1  updated by ekspoint
The panel is movable press ctrl and drag with mouse where u want text position!
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Author Ekspoint
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