11/05/2021 Ruler Gun Sight

10/05/2021 Two step from hell music

  Two step from hell music mod by Andre _V    
26/01/2021 advanced vehicle markers (without XVM) By PF

26/01/2021 Battle Stats By PF (player stats without XVM)

26/01/2021 Hangar Tools

08/12/2020 Chuck Norris Crew voice (ENG)

17/05/2020 Korean Random Hit zones

17/04/2020 Paint Ball Mod – Damage stickers (4 variants)

24/03/2020 Battle Observer By Armagomen

12/11/2019 Devastator Gunsight

08/11/2019 Yellow gunsight

by Andre_V
06/11/2019 Taipan 3 Gun sight

30/09/2019 Offspring crew voice

10/09/2019 Star Wars Music Mod

 Star Wars Music ModAuthor : Andre_V   all musical accompaniment in the World of Tanks game with tracks from all parts of the cult Star Wars […]
28/07/2019 Awfultanker Server Marker

Display both client and server gun markers simultaneously
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