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-Adaptation for patch

-All new code around flash OTM markers and UI elements

-Solved various bugs with game crashing when minimized

-Temporary disabled module BREAKABLE

-Added new module SHOTLINE


–Ability to display visual reversed tracer line

-Ability to display vehicle name which shot at you

-Various visual appearance settings


-Added option to set separate hot key for catch target with the aimbot

-Various minor fixes

Module XRAY:

–Fixed XRAY blinking when damaging external modules on the vehicle

–Significantly increased performance

Module LASERS:

–Redone option to show lasers outside of FOV (Filed Of View)

–Fixed issue with FPS drops in some scenarios

–Added ability to display lasers up to 565 meters

–Added new lightweight dynamic models

–Changed casting of the laser model on vehicle

Module TWEAKS:

–Removed auto return equipment option (obsolete with the new equipment system)

–Fixed rare bug with repair timers freezing

-Removed shell speed text in tool tips

Mods included:

CHAMELEON – displaying collision models in battle
DESTRUCTION – destruction on the minimap

LASERS – lasers from the trunks of technology
MONGOOSE – aimbot
MTURRETS – direction guns on the minimap
OUTSIGHT – model vehicles is rendering
SHADOW – show models of disappeared enemy vehicle
indicator targeting opponents

TWEAKS – many different add-ons

TUNDRA – removal of vegetation
RELOADING – display reloading equipment
HEALTHCARE – repair, automatic fire extinguisher
BLINDSHOTS – hit undetected technique
BREAKABLE – removal sweep objects
WATCHFUL – indication opponents
REDBALL – red balls for the artys
XRAYS – stroke equipment (x-ray)
SHARPSHOOTER – marker of pre-emption

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2 comments to HPMODS-Helpicsmods

  • Francisco  says:

    how uninstall please, thanks

    • HelpicsAdmin HelpicsAdmin  says:

      temove mod.pyc in res/client/gui/mods

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