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  • General
    – Adaptation for patch 1.9.0
    – Fixed issues with settings window in some cases
    – Added plugin: WRAITH

    – Minor bugfixes

    – Improved filter for FrontLine mode

    – Various bugfixes

    – Removed indicator when someone from players spectating you in battle
    – Various minor bugfixes

    WRAITH – show spectators in battle
    – Show when someone from players spectating you
    – Indication of suspicion based on analysis of various parameters(*)
    – Emulation a bad connection and packet loss as long as spectators detected(*)

    (*) – options works only on ОС Windows 10

Mods included:

CHAMELEON – displaying collision models in battle
DESTRUCTION – destruction on the minimap

LASERS – lasers from the trunks of technology
MONGOOSE – aimbot
MTURRETS – direction guns on the minimap
OUTSIGHT – model vehicles is rendering
SHADOW – show models of disappeared enemy vehicle
indicator targeting opponents

TWEAKS – many different add-ons

TUNDRA – removal of vegetation
RELOADING – display reloading equipment
HEALTHCARE – repair, automatic fire extinguisher
BLINDSHOTS – hit undetected technique
BREAKABLE – removal sweep objects
WATCHFUL – indication opponents
REDBALL – red balls for the artys
XRAYS – stroke equipment (x-ray)
SHARPSHOOTER – marker of pre-emption

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2 comments to HPMODS-Helpicsmods

  • Francisco  says:

    how uninstall please, thanks

    • HelpicsAdmin HelpicsAdmin  says:

      temove mod.pyc in res/client/gui/mods

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