Chuck Norris Crew voice (ENG) Chuck Norris Crew voice (ENG)

Fan voice acting for the Chuck Norris crew for World of Tanks The legend of fighters Chuck Norris is back, namely as the commander of your tank and he will punish everyone who gets in your way. From December to January, the greatest actor will issue combat missions to players in the game. For completing them, players will receive special rewards: boxes with prizes, an exclusive style, a unique decal, and many other goodies. Among the numerous rewards for completing them will be a special slot for New Year’s vehicles and Chuck Norris himself with the author’s voice acting as part of the tank’s crew.

2 comments to Chuck Norris Crew voice (ENG)

  • axl  says:

    i want delete/change the voice Chuck Norris, is possible!!!

    • HelpicsAdmin HelpicsAdmin  says:

      yes ,delete audioww folder in mods/1.12.0 or overwrite

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